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Founded in 2004, Dika College is a pioneer in early childhood education (ECE) established to offer high-quality ECE education and training. Our alumni are well-reputed professionals in Malaysia and overseas with many of them becoming committed advocates for children.

More than just an education

We play a prominent and significant role in advancing the quality of early childhood education. We also actively engage in initiatives that enable sector stakeholders with a comprehensive and far-reaching understanding of the ECE ecosystem.

Our industry-based learning (IBL) and research and activity-intensive modules train our students for a professional career as well as prepare them for a pathway to pursue further education with leading universities, locally and abroad.

Our contribution to the ECE sector is seen in our graduates who lead, challenge, and inspire the industry through roles in teaching, management, curriculum, regulatory, creativity, and R&D.

Our dedicated and motivated teaching faculty works hand-in-hand with fellow peers in the industry to drive leadership of the ECE sector. Together, they champion a curriculum abreast of industry standards, delivered with a passion that builds a strong foundation of knowledge and values.

Our industry-led curriculum augurs well for our graduate employability, which registers an annual average of 90% or higher (Source: Dika College Annual Employability Survey). Our early childhood education graduates are part of the country's top 20% qualified early childhood educators. Our special education graduates are regarded as the top 10% special needs education professionals in Malaysia.

Guided by our vision, “Impacting Lives through Education” we are committed to enriching future educators with the wisdom to cultivate and nurture progressive academia whilst empowering an ECE sector devoted to the betterment of children.

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